Meet the Board of Advisors

Terrell Rhone

Texas City Police Department 


Crime Suppression Unit

Landis Cravens

Texas City Police Department


Criminal Investigations Division 

Crime Scene Investigations

Brittany Brunt

Management Analyst II

University of Texas Medical Branch

Joe Stanton

Texas City Police Department

 Chief of Police

Mickey House

Texas City Police Department


Patrol Division

Kenneth Brown

Texas City Police Department 


Patrol Division

Board of Advisor Request

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The Advisory Board is a group of individuals who've been selected to help advise the Cyber Forensics Institute of Texas, LLC about improvements on all the training material. The Advisory Board will review all training material prior to the scheduled class for approval and certify that the course is of high standards. 

This advisory board is a group of professionals who can help with the quality of the training. The Advisory Board is also structured both to help with the direct operation of the Cyber forensics Institute of Texas (CFIT) and to give input on future needed training.

To be clear about what we’re trying to do. Our goal is to have all the training certified by our own Board of Advisors which is formed by a group of professionals. 

Robert Wiley

Chief Executive Officer